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Lester Pemberton, flying round picking up crabs

Dane King. Shane Card

Michelle Jenson


Mossman. Rob, Luke, Shane and Scrubber

Rank, Karumba (Raptis)

Tom Long

Matthew Lane

Andrew Stark


Always helping fishermen

Beth Ward. Gulf of Carpentaria

Rod Shanks. Feeling the heat

The team at the Innisfail Bowls Club. Thank you

John Taifalos


Daniel McCarthy speaking in Mossman

First formal workhop of the Greenshirt Movement

Ian Wilson. Always top product

Barry Petterson. Been fishing forever. 

Mo, Old Gulf crabber and utter gentleman

Terry Must Bowen

Marti Bella, a drivng force behind unity

Terry O'Brien Karumba WIth new vessel FV What's the Catch

Karumba Point Tourist Park

Robert Pender on board FV Carole Anne

Madelene and Steve Martin


Scott and Terri Stevens on FV Barrastar


A Very nice Gulf Barra boat run by D J Lane and his family.

DJ has been fishing in the Gulf for nearly 40 years

Michael Ackinson in the engine room of FV Ramona.

Ramona is a Gulf Barra boat that has been around for years.

Michael has been working around boats all his life

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Tom Long from TomKat line fishing

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