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Jan 30, 2016

for fishermen
The Fishermens Portal Inc. represents our members (fishermen) in Queensland’s Net, Line, Pot and Trawl fisheries from the NSW border to the NT border. The Portal has a unique set of rules that prevents the Association from forming policy without the agreement of 100% of our members. This ensures that individuals do not misrepresent our members. Misrepresentation of fishermen has been an ongoing problem in Queensland and was the catalyst for the formation of the Portal, which began formally in May 2013.

The Fishermens Portal Inc. does not recognize the Queensland Seafood Industry Association as the peak body of the Queensland fishing industry, nor do we recognize the National Seafood Industry Alliance as our voice on a National basis – we respect their views of course but we reserve the right to disagree. The Portal is always willing to work with any groups to reach a satisfactory solution for all sectors of the seafood industry.

The Portal raised this issue with FRDC last year and understands that FRDC is assisting industry to conduct research into marketing http://frdc.com.au/marketing/Pages/default.aspx: and we acknowledge that FRDC has no position on this. While surveys indicate strong support we question this given the feedback from our sector for a marketing strategy and we know that a marketing strategy will not happen in the absence of a compulsorily levy of some sort.

To be clear, ‘For industry to make a decision about a levy on wild harvest seafood or fishers in Queensland’s state fisheries stakeholders need to have a clear understanding of costs, benefits and how they can influence the allocation of funds. Seafood Industry delegates, politicians and the wider community should be of no two minds, ‘that until the Portal has an influential role to play in any marketing strategy its members do not support a levy’.

Further, Queensland’s wild harvest seafood is not difficult to sell. If some sectors of the industry need better promotion then they should not ask us to fund it. Why is funding not available to work with the wild harvest sector to investigate opportunities that could reduce our costs of production? We already have many marketing and industry promotional activities underway now so why would Government need to force people to pay into a fund that potentially will leave us with fewer resources to pursue our own marketing projects? Peak bodies need to explain why they are not acknowledging current industry marketing and promotional initiatives in this space. Fishermen’s views remain unheeded as proponents of the Seafood Levy salivate in anticipation of being able to drain more out of the lifeblood of the industry, the wild harvest sector.

Updates will be posted on https://www.facebook.com/noseafoodlevy/

Authorised by
Robert Pender
The Fishermens Portal Inc.

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