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The Fishermens Portal Inc.

!The largest commercial fishing representative body in Queensland!



Chair:            Rocky Reef:                   Michael Thompson:            0417 650 711    mandsthompson3@bigpond.com                           

Treasurer:        E/C Net:                         Dane King                                0400 644 692    kingdane2017@gmail.com

Director:           Line:                               Chris Neill                                0417 198 961    mtbeewahns2bigpond.com

Director:          Gulf:                               Scott and Terri Stevens:    0437 227 727    barrastar@gmail.com

Director:          Tech :                             Shane Card:                              0410 446 468    shane2712@hotmail.com

Director:          Tech:                                 Luke Lukaszewicz                 0417 406 488    lukaslze@gmail.com            



                            Crab:                                Cris Atwell:                               0438 758 444    kat72308@bigpond.net.au     

                            That's Wild!                       Robert Pender (secretary)       0427 373 844   fishermensportal@gmail.com     

                            Gulf net                              Beth Ward                               0740 602 034  bethward3@bigpond.com                          

                                                                         Mark Cook                                 0429 656 011    markcook.1@bigpond.com

                                                                         Scott Butterworth                 0414 319 457   scott.butter007@gmail.com

                              Line:                                  Tom Long:                                  0409 293 013    tomkatlinefish@bigpond.com 

                             Line:                                  George and Sue Davenport       0427 632 392   gsdavenport@conxx.co

                             EC Trawl:                         David Leotta:                          0439 533 289    davidleotta74@gmail.com


The Portal represents the interests of Queensland commercial fishermen. It was originally set up in early 2013 to improve connections between wider industry and Govt. Things have got a lot better since those days!


Our members are updated as information comes to hand. We believe that information is power and being a member of the Portal provides you with an opportunity to network with others who may be facing the same challenges or opportunities.


People who are new to the industry can find out about lots of things from Portal updates and from the regular

newsletter that any-one can subscribe to.


The Portal has a promotional arm called That's WIld!  Have a look and tell is what you think.


The Portal works collaboratively with other similar bodies where possible. It seeks unity but in a way that allows people to have a say.


The organisation is a supporter of the Green Shirts Movement. The GSM gives our members a real kick along and we partner with them in many projects, promoting both seafood and agriculture where ever we can.


Robert Pender

Secretary: 0427373844

E: fishermensportal@gmail.com

W: www.fishermensportal.com.au





TOMKAT LINEFISH KURRIMINE BEACH. Drop in and say hi. You can find out more details about this seafood outlet on the That's Wild! page.

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