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The Fishermens Portal Inc.

!The largest commercial fishing representative body in Queensland!



Chair:              That’s Wild!:                Robert Pender                       0427 373 844

Treasurer:        Net:                                Dane King                                0400 644 692

Director:           Line:                               Chris Neill                                0417 198 961


                            Crab:                                Cris Atwell:                               0438 758 444

                            Tech:                                 Luke Lukaszewicz                 0417 406 488            

                                                                         Shane Card:                              0410 446 468

                                                                         Mark Cook                                 0429 656 011

                              Line:                                  Tom Long:                                  0409 293 013 

                             Line:                                  George and Sue Davenport       0427 632 392

                              Gulf:                                  Scott and Terri Stevens:    0437 227 727

                             Rocky Reef:                   Michael Thompson:            0417 650 711

                             EC Trawl:                         David Leotta:                          0439 533 289


The Portal represents the interests of Queensland commercial fishermen. It was originally set up in early 2015 to improve connections between wider industry and Govt. But nowadays, it is more of an information sharing hub.


Our members are updated as information comes to hand. We believe that information is power and being a member of the Portal provides you with an opportunity to network with others who may be facing the same challenges or opportunities.


People who are new to the industry can find out about lots of things from Portal updates and from the regular

newsletter that any-one can subscribe to.


that’s wild!

In 2016 some members of the Portal decided to do more than just let their products sell themselves. They knew that consumers needed to be able to find seafood that was local, wild caught, wholesome and great to eat. Oils ain’t oils and so the answer was to design a logo that was the signature of consistent quality. And that’s how THAT’S WILD! came about.


THAT’S WILD! members pay a couple of hundred dollars each year that goes towards promoting their products through the Portal. If you see seafood with the label on it then you know that these guys have committed to producing healthy sustainable seafood. There is a code of conduct and a few rules, but basically if a fisherman is proud of his product and wants to be considered as a top shelf supplier, they will be displaying the THAT’S WILD! brand.


Seafood outlets get behind THAT’S WILD! as well. If you see the logo displayed in a shop, you know your looking at quality; the real deal and that you are going to take home a decent feed to enjoy.


It’s not something that many wholesalers have got behind. Some of them don’t like to see branding top shelf product because it makes it harder for them to move their seconds. Our memebrs definately support wholesalers who display the brand. If someone is critical of the THAT’S WILD! brand, just have a bit of a think about what the real reasons might be.


The Portal works collaboratively with other similar bodies where possible. It seeks unity but in a way that allows people to have a say.


The organisation is a huge supporter of the Green Shirts Movement. The GSM gives our members a real kick along and we partner with them in many projects, promoting both seafood and agriculture where ever we can. It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to tell a good fish from a bad one, if you have difficulty your self, just ask for THAT’S WILD!


So, if you have ever been disappointed in your seafood the reason is very likely because it was full of antibiotics and hormones, or that it came from where the health standards were low and quality control was poor. Look for the brand, give it another go and try THAT’S WILD! seafood, you’ll be glad you did.


Let us know how you go, contact details below:



Robert Pender

Chair: 0427373844







TOMKAT LINEFISH KURRIMINE BEACH. Drop in and say hi. You can find out more details about this seafood outlet on the That's Wild! page.

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